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My Story (by a non-story teller ; )

So I have done this before, and for some reason, I don´t seem to enjoy talking about myself. Not even bragging… Believe it or not, since I can be seen as vain… Haha, and yes, I do believe in healthy vanity, because- whether you admit it or not- we all…



Are you too busy to exercise and eat healthy? Do you find it impossible to meditate, stretch, read or even take a break? I can help you DESIGN YOUR IDEAL PLAN… The UNIQUE PLAN that FITS YOU, YOUR Business, work, job… And, most importantly, your lifestyle… Your PRIORITY… Your LIFE!…


Offer To Help You Get Fit + Healthy + Happy & Free!

It is with great pleasure and excitement for the new, that I present to you my new image, look… And, mostly, my new offer of helping entrepreneurs like you, to get FIT + healthy + happy & free. I’m never going to stop wearing my fitness clothes and bikinis, but…


How Fit You Can Get In Bed! (VIDEO)

This is so yummy, to do at least twice a day: when you wake up & when you go to bed! No Excuses! I invite you for a Complimentary FIT CONSULTATION, so CLICK on the banner to the right on MonicaFit.com Or just go directly HERE to BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION……


Consulta FIT de Cortesía (RESERVA la TUYA Aquí)

Si eres  como yo, muy ocupad@, pero que igualmente quieres estar en forma, saludable, feliz… Y libre de dolores o molestias… … Para estar al máximo de tu productividad… Por tiempo limitado, estoy ofreciendo consultas de cortesía a las personas que califiquen… PIDE TU CONSULTA de Cortesía AQUÍ. Con cariño…


Complimentary FIT Consultation

How would you like to get a personalized PLAN, that includes Holistic Nutrition & Exercise Recommendations… … Just for YOU? Well, here is MY GIFT TO YOU: BOOK YOUR Complimentary CONSULTATION Here With love & no excuses, Monica