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Private Coaching and Consulting For YOU!

How are you doing on your New Year’s Healthy Resolutions? What about the promises you made to yourself at the beginning of the year? Are you actually doing what you said you would do, regarding your Fitness, Health and Success? Well, if your honest answers don’t make you feel so…


I Have Something NEW for YOU (QUICK READ) Send Me a Direct Message !

I Have Something NEW for YOU (QUICK READ) Send Me a Direct Message ! MONICA SANCIO Excellent Lifestyle VIP Consultant, Energizing YOU to be FIT for Business & Life! Are you still interested in getting FIT? Are you really busy, but still want to look and feel HEALTHY? How do…


Offer To Help You Get Fit + Healthy + Happy & Free!

It is with great pleasure and excitement for the new, that I present to you my new image, look… And, mostly, my new offer of helping entrepreneurs like you, to get FIT + healthy + happy & free. I’m never going to stop wearing my fitness clothes and bikinis, but…


My 3 Wishes for your Happy & Healthy New Year! (3 minute VIDEO)

I just love a new, fresh start, as this new year is feeling right now. A perfect opportunity to: Recharge Refresh Rejuvenate Reinvent Renovate … In fact, the color of 2017 is the Pantone Greenery, which is all about NATURE… So let´s be more connected with nature, animals and who…


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Quick Motivation: Let´s Advance with Abandon

“We Shall Advance with Abandon   As we overcome fear and defeat our internal demons, we must recablibrate our entire mindset toward advancement. Ours must become a life of courageous action and perpetual progress.   The majority of the world´s people are not advancing at the speed of which they…