Sick & Tired of Not Being FIT? HERE are 8 TIPS for Great MOTIVATION!

Hello my friend!

Because I so appreciate our connection, I want to give you my best 8 TIPS to stay MOTIVATED… No matter what:

1. INVEST IN YOURSELF: And hire a Coach, Personal Trainer and yes, you could hire me as your Fitness Mentor & Coach; because the truth is that we all do better and we all do our best when we have someone pushing us to our highest standards. I have mentors, I have coaches: some people say I don’t need them, I say they are absolutely necessary to grow and get better all the time!

2. DREAM BIG: I don’t know about you, but I cannot get EXCITED unless I am thinking BIG, having big ideas, big dreams… And thinking in such a way that most people think I’m crazy and/or that my standards are too high… In fact, I am motivated about my life every single day, because what I want is simple, yet very ambitious: to help millions who are ready get FIT + HEALTHY + VEGAN + HAPPY & FREE, through my Online Programs such as the Coaching & Mentoring packages that I am creating FOR YOU!

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Why would you expect someone to believe in you- in your business or personal life-if you are not believing in yourself? It is probably easier said than done, but it is fundamental YOU let go of the disempowering stories that no longer serve you… And it is time for you to act according to beliefs that do drive YOU forward and make YOU FEEL GOOD while YOU DO what needs to get done! And something interesting is that sometimes YOU NEED SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN YOU, even before you believe in yourself! That is where your Fit Mentor (maybe me?) can come in and be VITAL for YOUR SUCCESS!

4. BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE: I have studied hundreds of successful people, and they all have GREAT ENERGY, which is correlated to GREAT HEALTH; and you can also observe the people you admire are usually very active and even if they are not into FITNESS as such, don’t sit around… They move around! I am so grateful to my parents for introducing ballet and swimming into my recreational activities since the age of 8, because the value of SELF-DISCIPLINE extends to all other areas of my life… And because for the most part, being MOBILE is what keeps us HEALTHY as long as we LIVE!

5. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN EVERY DAY: I honestly don’t train my body half as much as I train my brain, because our MINDSET is our innate POWER to succeed at anything… Especially the SUCCESS of being truly JOYFUL and HAPPY! I used to be in great physical shape in my youth, yet I was so self-critical that it was not healthy nor KIND to myself at all. In fact, I let my mind be open to influences that were not good for me… to say the least!
Now I am not only way kinder to myself, but I choose to create and keep HEALTHY BOUNDARIES with people whose influence I am not interested in for my evolution… Yes, and this includes people I love, of family and friends! This is something I have become a Master at-like staying FIT for LIFE- and I would like to HELP YOU train your brain to filter out the information from your environment, as well as to consciously READ, LISTEN and WATCH the content that will make YOU MOTIVATED TO THRIVE every single day…
No matter where you are in LIFE, geographically, metaphysically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically!

6. HAVE A PARTNER TO TRAIN WITH: Because most of you feel more motivated when you have someone to do it with, you can take the FIT CHALLENGE with your partner, friend, relative or anyone else that has a similar vibration and desire. The great thing about this method is that if you don’t feel like working out, your friend will… And vice-versa! It truly works for most people, and I have used it many times in my Coaching programs, at least until I become accountable to myself! As with everything I teach, it all comes down to an incredible PROGRESSION into the SELF-MOTIVATED person YOU CAN BE!

7. WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT: Yes, write it down so clearly, that there is absolutely NO DOUBT of what you want to achieve this year, when it comes to your Holistic Fitness! This is something you eventually can do on your own, yet at the beginning we all need a Professional as a “soundboard” and as a guide… Just like an athlete, you need cues to get better at your game… According to what you really want and need. For example, you can write down that you want a great body, but that is probably not specific enough. You may want to write down exactly what you mean by that, including how you want to look, feel and MOVE! I can help you pinpoint where your true motivation lies, and make your desires sustainable beyond looking good for a date or an event!

8. BOOK ME today, to have your Personal Motivation Coach & Mentor, which is FUN, direct and RELIABLE; so that I can help you stay VIBRANT, alive, ENTHUSIASTIC and empowered to achieve what you want… Even when you are going through tough challenges!

I truly believe that you do not need motivation once you are inspired, but many times we feel lost in our journey and don’t know what to do. So if this is the case for you, then you have to be willing to follow these steps, especially the one about investing in yourself. All successful people have done this, because there is no greater investment than what you do to GROW YOURSELF: Personally, Professionally and in the realm of Business.
As T. Harv Eker says, “how you do anything is how you do everything”, so an improvement in one area affects the others positively.

And since I know what it is to not be able to afford a program in a given moment, I invite you to look for anything free on the internet.
The thing is that it can take you years to do what could take weeks…
And that there is nothing better than actually having someone lead you into what you want, because the person has done that…

In my case, I have been a Fitness Trainer and Coach for over 30 years now, and I don’t stop… I won’t stop, because I AM PERPETUALLY MOTIVATED to DO MORE and SERVE MORE…
How did I learn this?
Actually, I am always learning this…
My primal coach @Primal Kinetics says I am like a SPONGE, always open to new information and training…

And I agree with his perception of me, because that is how I am feeding myself nutritionally of what is REALLY GOOD for my Business and Life…
Never stopping
Never stagnant
No matter the “obstacles”…
Because the only way to move forward is to adapt successfully, and
I believe that to adapt to the NEW…
We have to learn THE NEW…
The NEW ways of doing things for the NEW world we are living in.

So let’s be SMART and continue LEARNING and making NEW Breakthroughs…

What BREAKTHROUGH do you want?
Which BREAKTHROUGH do you need?
What has to happen for YOU to MOVE AHEAD, to let YOURSELF SUCCEED?

How would you like me to help YOU WIN?
I would truly love to help you get what you want in life and business…

NOTE: Don’t worry, we will work together one step at a time!

With love & no excuses,

Monica Fit
Monica Sancio
Biologist in Holistic Nutrition
Fitness & Wellness Consultant & Coach
Practical Nutrition + Intelligent Exercise & Excellent Attitude towards Business & Life!

P.S. I would love for you to leave your comments below, so we start connecting and interacting here on my new Vlog:
– Which tips are you already practicing?
– What would you suggest?
– What do you need the most motivation with?

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